What is Alpha Phi Omega? 

Alpha Phi Omega- Omicron (APO) is a national, co-educational service fraternity located on the University of Iowa's campus in Iowa City, Iowa. APO's main mission is rooted deep in three cardinal principles: leadership, friendship, and service. The organization offers exciting opportunities to create lifelong friendships, gain personal leadership skill, and of course give back to the local community through service. Alpha Phi Omega strives to give University of Iowa students a deeper and more meaningful college experience.

Nationally, Alpha Phi Omega has over 375 chapters on various college campuses located all over the United States. APO continually provides more service on campuses than any other student organization. We are an inclusive group- open to all nationalities, backgrounds, and genders. We both encourage and welcome you to join us in pursuing our common goal- leading through service and friendship. 

To learn more about Alpha Phi Omega and all that it offers, feel free to email us at apo@uiowa.edu or contact any of the following executive board members. 

People Directory

Listing of people
Namesort descending Position Email
Aaditya Deshpande Vice President of Scouting and Youth Services aaditya-deshpande@uiowa.edu
Bethany Walczak Sargent-at-Arms bwalczak@uiowa.edu
Brennen Nullan Pledge Educator brennen-nullan@uiowa.edu
Devanshee Patel Vice President of Leadership devanshee-patel@uiowa.edu
Emma Jewell Secretary emma-jewell@uiowa.edu
Interested in this position? Email for details! Vice President of Membership
Jessica Freese President Jessica-freese@uiowa.edu
Katherine Pauley Vice President of Fellowship katherine-pauley@uiowa.edu
Maya Argenta Vice President of Finance maya-argenta@uiowa.edu
Maya Sahu Vice President of Service - Large Events maya-sahu@uiowa.edu
MIchael Borro Vice President of Service - Local Events michael-borro@uiowa.edu
Michelle Anderson Vice President of Marketing michelle-m-anderson@uiowa.edu