I pledged APO in fall 2014, and it has been hands-down one of the best decisions of my college career! While there are countless reasons why I am thankful for joining APO, here are my top 8:

1. It’s open to literally everyone.
Boy or girl. Undergrad or grad. Greek or non-Greek. APO attracts all different kinds of students who are brought together by the common interest of service, and we get to hang out with people from all different involvements on campus.

2. We love food.
A LOT. Seriously, I never thought I would meet a group of people who love food as much as I do, and it rocks always having someone who is down to get Chipotle or BDubs with you.

3. You get connected with different local organizations.
Uptown Bill’s, Ronald McDonald House, and Hope Lodge are just a few of the organizations that we partner with, and being in APO allows you to work closely with different leaders in the community, expose you to potential new interests, and open the door for future internship and career opportunities!

4. We win awards!!!
At this past year’s regional conference, Omicron won Chapter of the Year, Pledge Program of Excellence, and the Chapter of Excellence awards! Needless to say, we are kind of a big deal, and being apart of a group that takes such pride in our work is definitely something I’m thankful for.

5. There’s always a study, work-out or lunch buddy!
Like I said in reason #2, brothers like to do stuff together, whether it’s going to a sporting event, concert, or just studying in the IMU. It’s great to have a group of people to hang out and do literally anything with!

6. There are LOTS of opportunities for leadership.
Whether, you are a member of the executive board, director, or committee leader, there are plenty of ways to get more involved in APO and hone your leadership skills! Also, our LEADS courses are recognized by employers, and we travel to regionals and sectionals where you can expand your national APO network and take classes to boost your résumé!

7. You get to make a positive impact in the community
I was initially drawn to APO because I knew that I wanted to continue volunteering and making a difference in the community, and there are plenty of chances to do that with us. Here are some of our accomplishments this past month!

8. Gain a family away from home
I cannot express how grateful I am to have 80+ brothers by my side who make APO and college in general such an enjoyable experience. I have done several meaningful service projects, improved my leadership skills, and made friends that will last a lifetime, and I have APO to thank for all of that. SO HERE’S TO ALPHA PHI OMEGA, MAY WE ALWAYS BE

Written by: Marcus Smith, Sergeant at Arms