I had no idea when I joined APO that it would be such a huge part of my college experience. I was a freshman just looking to get involved and meet some new people, and I ended up meeting all of my best friends, making some of the most amazing memories I've had, and even serving on the executive board as VP of Finance and now President. The opportunities that APO gives you are endless - from various service projects (including traveling to other locations), to meeting tons of people, to learning how to become a leader - all of these things are offered through APO. It's had a huge impact on my life and I am so glad I joined!

APO has increased my drive to serve others, and the impact of the efforts of our chapter do not go unnoticed. It has also helped me to develop leadership skills that will carry on with me long after I graduate. And it's enjoyable - nothing you do feels like work, and you do it with people you love!

-Jessica Foubert