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Can pledges wear our letters?

All pledges are allowed to wear our letters & apparel, however, they may not be worn in any bars or settings that would represent Alpha Phi Omega negatively.


How often do I have to wear my pledge pin?

Pledges may wear their pins as little or as often as they would like.


Do I keep my pledge pin?

The pledge pin you received is expected to be returned at activation ceremony & will be exchanged for your active pin. Failure to return the pledge pin will be a $5 charge.


How many outside hours count towards the 10 service hours?

Pledges may use 3 outside volunteer hours for the overall 10, however, you must fill out the outside hours form found on OrgSync.


What if I have a conflict with a required event?

Pledges may be excused from required events such as Girl Scout University, Merit Badge  University, Retreat, or others as determined by the Executive Board if:

  • They alert the Pledge Educator or Vice President of Membership of their absence prior to the event—not during or after.
  • They must miss for academic, religious, or medical reasons.
    • Ex. If Retreat falls on a religious holiday, the pledge may be excused.
    • Ex. If the pledge is scheduled to attend a field trip for class on the weekend of MBU, they may be excused.

If the Executive Board determines that the reason for absence at an event does not fall within these guidelines, the pledge may be asked to makeup hours at other events.


How many meetings can I miss without penalty?

A pledge can miss 1 meeting without penalty, any meeting missed after the initial 1 must be made up with an hour of service. No more than 3 can be missed.